KCRW Employees Unionize Under SAG-AFTRA


The employees of National Public Radio member station KCRW in Santa Monica voted June 14 to have the Screen Actor’s Guild represent them as their union, according to an announcement by SAG-AFTRA.

The SAG-AFTRA announcement noted that a union of about 90 public media professionals made a request with station management to unionize on May 30, delivering a petition to management with 75 percent of employee support.

KCRW management has said that they have accepted labor’s decision to unionize. A quote from KCRW President Jennifer Ferro was included in the SAG-AFTRA announcement with Ferro stating in part, “We look forward to creating an even better work environment with our employees and SAG-AFTRA.”

Headquartered in Mid-Wilshire, SAG-AFTRA has carved a niche of late representing public radio employees. Within the last five years, the union has organized workers at KPCC in Pasadena, New York Public Radio, and WBEZ in Chicago among other public radio outlets.

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