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Iger Makes $39.7 Million on Disney Stock Sale

Bob Iger’s salary was $40.2 million last year. But he made nearly as much in a day with a recent stock sale.

The Walt Disney Co. chairman and chief executive sold 1 million Disney shares for a profit of $39.7 million, according to a May 16 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The options were exercised at a price of $29.51 and the shares were sold for an average price of $67.23. After the transaction, Iger still owns about 1.2 million Disney shares.

Iger also sold 1 million Disney shares in November at an average price of $47.37, which netted him $17.9 million.

Shares of the Burbank entertainment giant have been trading near an all-time high since the company reported better-than-expected second quarter earnings earlier this month.

Shares closed up less than two-tenths of a percent to $66.58 in Friday trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

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