Formosa Group Founder Returns to Company

Formosa Group Founder Returns to Company
Robert Rosenthal

Formosa Group, a Hollywood post-production house for sound and audio, has reshuffed its leadership team. 

Returning to the company he founded is Robert Rosenthal as president, and the company has named Matt Dubin as divisional chief operations officer. 

Formosa Group is part of Streamland Media, a Burbank-based collection of post-production and entertainment marketing firms. 

Rosenthal was anxious to return to the company he reveres with people whom he cherishes, he said.

“As we embrace new ideas within an evolving industry, being part of Streamland Media provides opportunities for enhanced future success,” Rosenthal said in a statement. “Based upon our incredibly talented artists and our dedicated and dynamic leadership team, Formosa Group has established a distinctive environment to best serve content creator’s ideas and attract incredible talent.”

Bill Romeo, chief executive of Streamland Media, said that he was excited to see Rosenthal return to the company and to see Dubin continue his outstanding leadership.

“We are headed into an exciting time for Formosa Group and Streamland Media with the best creative and executive team leading the way,” Romeo said in a statement.

Recent projects that Formosa Group has done work on include the two parts of “Rebel Moon” streaming on Netflix, “Masters of the Air” on Apple TV+ and the live-action version of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” also airing on Netflix. All of those projects came out this year.

Dubin, a part of the executive leadership team at Formosa Group since its inception in 2013, has played an important role in its growth and success. 

For the past year, he served as executive vice president, leading the company globally through the turbulence of the (Writers Guild of America) and (Screen Actors Guild) strikes, according to the Formosa Group.

Over the past year, it has been his privilege to guide the company, buoyed by the overwhelming support he received from within, Dubin said. 

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