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Cracks at Comedy Store

There’s a family feud going on at the Comedy Store. But it’s no joke. Pauly Shore is battling his brother, Peter Shore, over control of the family’s venerable comedy club, going so far as to evoke elder abuse in regard to Peter Shore’s treatment of their mother, Mitzi Shore.

The battle became a legal matter last week, when Pauly Shore, best known for starring in the 1990s comedies “Bio-Dome” and “Encino Man,” filed suit against Peter Shore, who serves as chief executive of the Comedy Store in West Hollywood.

In the Los Angeles Superior Court suit, Pauly Shore claims that Peter Shore improperly removed him from the company’s board through his relationship with their ailing elderly mother. Mitzi Shore is the sole shareholder of the company, which was jointly run by Pauly, Peter and Mitzi.

Pauly Shore alleges that Peter Shore’s treatment of their mother, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, has raised concerns of elder abuse.

He also claims that Mitzi Shore’s poor health has “rendered her susceptible to unscrupulous behavior and undue influence,” and as a result, he became concerned about his mother’s financial situation and her stake in the Comedy Store.

Pauly Shore claims that in November he asked Peter Shore for the Comedy Store’s tax returns, monthly cash flow reports and check register. But Peter Shore has allegedly refused to hand over the financial details, and hired a lawyer to fight the request.

An attorney for Pauly Shore declined to comment on the pending litigation. Peter Shore did not return requests for comment.

The Comedy Store was founded in 1972 by the Shores’ father, comedian Sammy Shore, and has helped launch the careers of famed comedians such as Richard Pryor, Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy. Mitzi Shore took over the Comedy Store in 1973 as the result of a divorce settlement.

And now, the club’s fate could be shaped by a court again. Pauly Shore is asking a judge to order Peter Shore to provide the financial documents he previously requested, and nullify Pauly Shore’s removal from the company’s board.

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