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Bank of America Names New Entertainment Head

Bank of America Merrill Lynch named a new head for their entertainment industries group, tapping Jason Feuerstein, former head of the MUFG Union Bank’s entertainment group.

As head of the Los Angeles companies’ entertainment division, Feuerstein will work with middle market bank clients in media and entertainment, according to the press release.

The May 3 release also noted that Feuerstein’s background is in entertainment. “Jason held various positions in production and development for commercial, television and motion picture production companies,” the release stated.

The announcement follows word that Bank of America Merrill Lynch, MUFG Union Bank and other financiers have given Miramax studio a $300 million line of credit, which is expected to help finance six movies a years over a five-year term.

Media and entertainment reporter Matthew Blake can be reached at (323) 556-8332 or mblake@labusinessjournal.com

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