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Farm to Family: Milk and Eggs Delivers Farm-Fresh Goods Direct to Consumers

Milk and Eggs

Industry: Grocery, Retail

Year Founded: 2016

Number of Employees: 10

Location: Downtown

2017 Revenue: $5.8 million

Milk and Eggs is an online food-delivery platform that sources its offerings directly from farmers and artisan food-makers. And it’s more than just milk and eggs.

Founded by Kenneth Wu and Ash Chan, the startup launched in January 2016. This October, the company closed a $6 million seed-funding round led by Morningside Venture Capital, an early stage venture fund based in China.

Wu said Milk and Eggs will use the funds to improve operations and technology as the company looks to expand further in Los Angeles and Orange counties, its primary markets.

The company’s offerings come from local growers and artisans. Wu said Milk and Eggs aims to provide fresh, locally sourced fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs and meats, among other items. Its drivers then deliver those goods to customers’ doorsteps.

The startup counts 10 full-time employees, 70 contract drivers and 150 vendors on its platform. Of the 150 vendors, around 40 are farmers, and the rest are food-makers, preparing everything from kombucha to cold-pressed juices and artisanal bread.

Vendors on the platform have 24 hours to fill new orders, and the products are picked up by Milk and Eggs’ drivers. The company utilizes the gig economy, with drivers signing up via its app.

Deliveries typically go out between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m., but some deliveries happen at other hours.

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