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Tetra Tech Secures $650 Million Multiple-Award Federal Contract

Pasadena-based consulting and engineering services firm Tetra Tech Inc. has won a $650 million, multiple-award contract from the U.S. Agency for International Development to secure property rights for the purpose of improving infrastructure and other conditions internationally, the company announced.

Tetra Tech will supply USAID, which provides development assistance and humanitarian aid to communities, with geospatial tools, mobile technologies and data management processes to help it record and maintain property rights. Securing such rights enables communities to manage natural resources, gain access to water, grow economically and strengthen food supplies.

The multiple-award Strengthening Tenure and Resource Rights II contract runs for five years. Multiple-award contracts are dispensed by governmental agencies to several contractors to maintain competition throughout the contract period. Tetra Tech’s announcement did not mention how many other firms also received this contract.

Under STARR II, Tetra Tech was awarded a five-year $25 million Integrated Land and Resource Governance contract to supply technical support toward bolstering land and resources in Africa, Asia, Latin America and/or the Middle East.

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