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Advante CDC
advantagecdc.org (562) 983-7450
Top Local Executive Ahmad Shafique, President

AMPAC Tri-state CDC Inc.
Ampac.com  (909) 915-1706
Top Local Executive Hilda Kennedy, President

Bank of Hope
bankofhope.com  (877) 627-2722
Top Local Executive Gene Pak, SVP, SBA Loan Department

Bank of the West
bankofthewest.com  (213) 972-0200
Top Local Executive Jesse Roderick, VP, SBA Manager

BFC – SBA Lending
bfcfunding.com  (213) 999-1481
Top Local Executive Jacky Dilfer, Executive Director

BSD Capital, dba Lendistry
lendristry.com  (844) 662-7297
Top Local Executive Everett Sands, CEO

California Statewide CDC
calstatewide.com  (800) 982-9192
Top Local Executive Patty Griffin Globa, SVP, Senior Loan Officer

Cathay Bank
cathaybank.com  (626) 279-3908
Top Local Executive Ryan H. Kim, SVP, Director of SBA & Business Banking Group

CBB Bank
cbb-bank.com  (323) 988-3000
Top Local Executive David Um, SVP, SBA Manager

CDC Small Business
Finance Corp
cdcloans.com  (626) 529-0700
Top Local Executive Dan Aloe, Senior Commercial Lender

Celtic Bank
celticbank  (877) 329-6343
Top Local Executive Jim Harris, SVP, Southern California

Centerstone SBA
Lending Inc.
Teamcenterstone.com  (213) 805-5220
Top Local Executive James Kim, Managing Partner, President

citi.com  (213) 270-1392
Top Local Executive Robert Phillipps, National Director, Business Banking Client Development

City National Bank
cnb.com  (213) 673-7798
Top Local Executive Michael Cho, VP, SBA Business Development Officer

Coastal Business Finance
coastalbusinessfinance.com  (805) 739-1665
Top Local Executive Brian Kearns, VP, Executive Director

Comerica Bank
comeria.com  (714) 424-3838
Top Local Executive Jennifer Eltinge, VP, SBA Business Development Officer

East West Bank
comeria.com • (714) 424-3838
Top Local Executive Ken Choi, SVP

Enterprise Bank & Trust
enterprisebank.com • (562) 263-8413
Top Local ExecutiveJohn Meek, EVP Director of Commercial Banking

Enterprise Funding Corp.
Efc504.com  (909) 792-3803
op Local Executive Jeff Sceranka, President

First Choice Bank 
(951) 551-6644
Top Local Executive Thomas Vasquez, First VP,
SBA Manager

GBC International Bank
gbcib.com  (626) 288-8118
Top Local Executive Annie Pan, EVP

Hanmi Bank
hanmi.com  (213) 382-2200
Top Local Executive Anna Chung, EVP, SBA Manager

Harvest Small Business Finance
harvestbf.com  (714) 742-8206
Top Local Executive Tim McLain, SVP, Business
Development Officer

JPMorgan Chase Bank
chase.com  (310) 860-7034
Top Local Executive Diedra Porche, Managing Director

Mortgage Capital Developmental Corp.
Tmfinancing.com  (888) 989-8855
Top Local Executive Jennifer Davis, SVP, Business Development

Open Bank
myopenbank.com  (213) 892-9999
Top Local Executive Ryan Shin, SVP SBA Manager

Pacific City bank
paccitybank.com  (213) 210-2000
Top Local Executive Peter Han, SVP, SBA Loan
Production Manager

Pacific Premier Bank
ppbi.com  (949) 864-8516
Top Local Executive Diane Heyden, SVP, Director of
SBA Lending

Seacoast Commerce Bank
(818) 84408640
Top Local Executive Robert Flores Jr., SVP SBA Business Development Officer

(818) 638-7001
Top Local Executive Silverio Robledo, President

Southland Economic Development Corp.
(714) 868-0001
Top Local Executive Matt Davis, President

Umpqua Bank
umpqua bank.com
(747) 233-3500
Top Local Executive Stephanie Bitters, SVP, SBA Manager

Union Bank
(858) 492-6321
op Local Executive Steven Doss, SBA National Sales Manager

United Business Bank
(213) 401-3210
Top Local Executive Harrison Lee, SVP, SBA Regional Manager

U.S. Bank
(818) 548-7400
Top Local Executive Omar Khairzada, VP, SBA Business Development Officer

U.S. Metro Bank
(714) 620-8888
op Local Executive Abraham Pak, EVP, Chief Lending Officer

Wells Fargo & Co.
(800) 545-0670
Top Local Executive Rita Mitchell, Regional Sales Manager

Zions Bank
(800) 974-8800
Top Local Executive A. Scott Anderson, CEO, President

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