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Shelley I. Smith, Esq.
Chair of the ECF Board of Directors
Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF)

Shelley I. Smith, Esq., Installed as Chair of Exceptional Children’s Foundation Board of Directors

Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF) Board member Shelley I. Smith, Esq., has been installed as Chair of the ECF Board of Directors. She succeeds Steven P. Beltran, Esq., who has served on the Board since 2014.

“Shelley has a deep personal commitment to ECF, and has a history of profound service impact as a 14-year member and Past Chair of our Board,” said ECF President and CEO Veronica Arteaga.

Ms. Smith served as ECF’s first woman Chair of the Board from 2014-2017. She has additionally served as Vice-Chair and Treasurer, Investment Committee Chair, Personnel Practices Committee Chair, Strategic Planning Committee Chair, and as Co-Chair of the CEO Succession Task Force.

Ms. Smith is President and General Counsel of GrayShell Consulting, and has served on several fiduciary and investment group Boards. She served as Chair and elected trustee on the Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System (LACERS) Board for 15 years and as Chair of the City’s Defined Contribution Plan Board for 20 years. As a senior legal advisor to the City of Los Angeles, her responsibilities included 20 years of service as General Counsel to the City’s Department of Transportation, Board of Public Works, and Information Technology Agency. Previously, Ms. Smith was senior counsel to the City’s Civil Service Commission, Personnel Department, and the Employee Relations Board. She also served as President of the Los Angeles City Attorneys Association for over 20 years.

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