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Higher Education 2021


Custom Content from the Los Angeles Business Journal

One of the topics on many of our readers’ minds is education. They want to explore the benefits of an advanced degree for themselves or their employees. They want to know about the latest trends in MBAs and what is being studied. And they want to know what higher education institutions are doing to stand apart from the competition. This special supplement to the Los Angeles Business Journal takes a look at some of the programs that contribute to taking local professionals to the next level of excellence, while we also dig into some of the trends affecting the education landscape and how schools are preparing professionals to withstand and overcome challenges and unforeseen circumstances such as the global pandemic and economic hurdles.

Inside this supplement:

Dancing with Machines: Preparing Students for the Workforce of the Future
A few years ago, a cohort of undergraduate students returned from two weeks of classroom study, company visits and cultural immersion in China… Read More

Executive Education Program Market Continues to Grow
A study on the executive education program market by FMI provides insights into the drivers and opportunities augmenting the growth trajectory of the market through 2031… Read More

Just How Large is the Ed-Tech Market?
The US K-12 sector spent $35.8 billion in 2020 on all things EdTech, including hardware, major software systems, digital curriculum resources and networks, a healthy increase of $7.5 billion over 2019… Read More

Harnessing the Principles of Motivation in Education
Basic principles of motivation exist that are applicable to learning in any education situation… Read More



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