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Spotlight On Higher Education & Online Learning

Custom Content from the Los Angeles Business Journal

One of the topics on many of our readers’ minds is education. They want to explore the benefits of an advanced degree for themselves or their employees. They want to know about the latest trends in MBAs and what is being studied. And they want to know what higher education institutions are doing to stand apart from the competition.

This special supplement to the Los Angeles Business Journal takes a look at some of the top executive education programs in the region who are taking local professionals to the next level of excellence, while we also take dig into some of the trends affecting the education landscape and how – through innovative programs such as online learning platforms – schools are preparing professionals to withstand and overcome challenges and unforeseen circumstances such as the global pandemic and economic hurdles.

Inside this supplement:
Every Program Prepares You for Success – Here is One that Prepares You for Immediate Impact
Reach your peak potential… Read More

From Actor to Advocate: Laura Zucker Brings a Passion for the Arts to Her New Role
What do Claremont Graduate University (CGU), the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture, and actress Meryl Streep all have in common… Read More

Ready to Move Beyond Your Bachelor’s Degree?
The College of the Extended University at Cal Poly Pomona currently offers eight Master’s Degree programs that are focused on non-traditional student learners, offering flexibility and convenience… Read More

Why Do Students Like Online Learning?
Why do students flock to the online learning environment?… Read More

A Variety of Course Delivery Options
Students enrolling at the University of La Verne this month will have a variety of course delivery options to meet their individual needs… Read More

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