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LABJ Insider: Super Bowl Showdown

While it was the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs who faced off at this year’s Super Bowl, the stock market may also have had a vested interested in the game.

When the Super Bowl is designated by an even roman numeral, the average market return in the subsequent years is 7.2% Meanwhile, a game ending in an odd roman numeral sees an average market return of 16.6%, according to research from S&P Global Market Intelligence.

The group also found that it pays to be the favorite. On years when the favored team wins, there is an average market return of 12.9%, compared to 10.8% when the underdog wins. The stock market likes certainty, after all. 

Location also matters. When games are played west of the Mississippi River, subsequent years see an average market return of 8.6%, compared to 14.3% when games are played east of the Mississippi River, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence.

• • • 

Robert Lumley, a real estate veteran with more than 40 years of experience, has retired. He spent the last 20 years at Santa Monica-based BLT Enterprises, which he helped take from a waste management company to a commercial real estate business. 

“Bob has played a vital role in the expansion of BLT’s real estate portfolio and helped establish us as a highly respected institutional-quality owner of industrial and commercial properties throughout California,” said Daniel Rosenthal, chief executive and co-founder of BLT.

BLT primarily invests in industrial real estate, and has owned and developed more than 2.5 million square feet of property in Southern California. Lumley oversaw acquisitions, dispositions, leasing, asset management, property management and development during his time at the company.

“Bob is the godfather of our real estate division and has made a substantial impact on all aspects of our business,” Rosenthal added. “He helped build lasting and fruitful relationships with tenants, brokers, and lenders, created structure and discipline within BLT, transformed sites into stellar assets, and made smart and strategic investments that continue to deliver value to our firm and, most importantly, our tenants.”

• • • 

California State University, Northridge has launched a new podcast, CSUN Conversations. The podcast, which launched last week, focuses on CSUN, its faculty, students and alumni.

The podcast features two shows, “Matador Memories” and “Diving into the Discourse,” which are released monthly. The former, which discusses CSUN history, drops the first Monday of each month. “Diving into the Discourse,” meanwhile, will drop the third Monday of each month and have conversations with faculty and staff. 

The Insider is compiled by Interim Editor Hannah Welk. She can be reached athwelk@labusinessjournal.com. 

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