LABJ FORUM: Assessing the Business Year

LABJ FORUM: Assessing the Business Year

As this year draws to a close, the Business Journal asks: Did your business hit its mark in 2017, exceed expectations of come up short?

Richard Abbitt, Managing Director, Lee & Associates

They actually exceeded our expectations and we have a lot of momentum going into 2018. We are basically dominating the market.

Sarah Dubbeldam, Chief Executive and Editor-in-Chief, Darling Media

This year we made a pivot from a print magazine to a media company with multiple digital platforms and live experiences. We more than doubled our revenue as a result of this pivot, so we have seen a growing appetite in our market for our content, which is propelling us with excitement into 2018.

Jonathan Port, Chief Executive, PermaCity

Yes, our business hit expected goals for 2017. Working on projects in the city of Los Angeles has been a challenge and an honor, especially with all the great high-paying jobs created.

Business Journal readers weighed in, as well:

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