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LABJ Insider: LA Advances Recovery With Move to Yellow Tier

Yellow is the new black.
While the hue works nicely with all those spring styles, the trendiest color in Los Angeles at the moment has nothing to do with fashion — and everything to do with levels of Covid-19 clearances.

By moving into the yellow tier last week, L.A. County and its community of business took a huge step toward recovery after more than a year of pain caused by pandemic-imposed restrictions.

Shops, bars, restaurants, gyms, museums, ballparks, movie theaters — you name it, every spot in town can now welcome more customers than they’ve seen since last March.

You’ll still need to keep masks handy, but that’s a minor inconvenience at this point as many people are so used to wearing them.

Mind you, it’s not a complete reopening. But that can’t be far off as long as infection and hospitalization numbers continue to fall and as long as people continue to get vaccinated — and there are plenty of places to do that, so please make sure you and your loved ones take advantage.

Legendary Musso & Frank Grill, the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, is open for diners again. And scores of other favorite haunts have either reopened or expanded their in-person service (a moment of silence here, though, for all the businesses that didn’t make it to the other side).

After what we’ve all endured, it’s nice to see the right signs pointing in the right direction.

• • •

The recent passing of Eli Broad echoed across seemingly every possible category and region, from the business sections to the arts pages, from the academic world to the health care sector, from L.A. to New York and beyond.

Broad, who ranked No. 6 on the Business Journal’s 2020 list of the Wealthiest Angelenos with a net worth of $7.9 billion, was known less for the size of his fortune than for what he and his wife, Edythe, did with it.

On this week’s cover, Jenna Chandler offers up a compelling remembrance of the man who built two Fortune 500 companies along with a huge swath of L.A.’s residential and cultural landscape.

“He had an amazing ability to be visionary and to see things that people couldn’t see, and at the same time to be in the weeds and to be focused on the details. That was an unusual skill of his,” said Gerun Riley, president of the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation. “He taught us all that you have to be able to see the big picture but pay attention to the details.”

Be sure to spend some time with the story to learn more about the impact of this towering figure and to get a glimpse of where his legacy goes from here.

• • •

City View Chief Executive Sean Burton, who is helping lead the reimagining of Los Angeles International Airport as president of the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners, could be adding another role to his resume.

Burton was recently nominated by President Joe Biden as a member of the board at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which oversees Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Dulles International Airport.


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