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LABJ Insider: August 15

‘Bouncing’ Around L.A.

Just in case you were wondering, there’s a new way for you and your family or friends to have some fun and solve a mystery as you tour Los Angeles. It’s called the Bounce app, which was created by Angeleno David House. He teamed up with MGM Studios and created a game called “The Pink Panther and the Case of the Missing Diamond.” Here’s how it works: You download the app and the game, which costs $34.95 but is good for a carload of explorers. Then you and your cohorts are directed to drive to different places, each of which unlocks a new part of the mystery and gives you suspects to interrogate and clues to uncover. Of course, Inspector Clouseau and the Pink Panther are along for the ride. The bouncers – as players are called – can linger in a location they like and resume the game later. “Bounce is designed to take you to areas of the city you may have hoped to see, locations you might want to return to later, or local hidden gems that deserve to be seen as well,” House said. It’s an updated way to tour the city – and a long way from the days of buying an overpriced map to the stars’ homes.

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When the new Avelo Airlines began flying out of Hollywood Burbank Airport in April last year, no one was certain how long the fledgling enterprise might last. After all, we were still in the midst of the Covid-inspired lockdowns then and the airline industry in general hasn’t exactly been a high-flyer. But now, the little airline with its super-low fares and scheduled flights to normally overflown places such as Newport News, Virginia, and Redmond, Oregon, claims to carry up to 5,000 passengers a day.


And on Friday, Avelo’s chairman and chief executive, Andrew Levy, was scheduled to give each passenger on a morning flight from Hollywood Burbank to Boise, Idaho, a free roundtrip ticket. Why? Because someone on that flight was the 1 millionth customer, so everyone got the gift.

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