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Top 100 Accountants 2022 – Katie Carpenter

Vice President of Finance
Matthews Real Estate Investment Services

Katie Carpenter is the vice president of finance at Matthews Real Estate Investment Services, where she oversees the firm’s accounting process, records, and production reports across all 14 offices. She has guided the firm through creating and improving upon existing processes in financial analysis and budgeting, implementing a cloud-based system that provides visibility, robust reporting, and innovative technologies.

Carpenter also added AP automation and payment solutions to meet the company’s rapid growth, reducing AP cycle time at a lower cost. She has also worked alongside the company’s CFO to create financing plans that directed forecasting and budget management to c-suite executives. She exemplifies her determination to improve upon the company’s in-place technologies and tactics, researching and training herself in new adaptations that can reduce spending and decrease timeframes. She is the first-ever VP of finance and one of the first female executives on the Matthews Executive Leadership board.


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