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The New Flexible Hybrid Workplace: A Roadmap for Employers

On May 25th, employment law pros Dana Kravetz and Lara Shortz, both partners at Michelman & Robinson, LLP, presented a informative discussion, “Navigating the Flexible/Hybrid Workplace: A Roadmap for Employers,” that hit upon the following topics:
· The Home Office: How Did We Get Here?
· COVID-19: An Imperfect Testing Ground for the Work-From-Home Movement
· The Importance of Engagement: Fostering Integrated, Collaborative and
Cohesive Teams
· Legal Considerations: Wage & Hour Law, Workplace Bias and the Like

Many thanks to these two thought leaders for sharing their critical insights on what every business needs to know. A recording of the presentation is available on the Los Angeles Business Journal website at labusinessjournal.com/events.



Kimberly Pease Headshot

Lara A. H. Shortz
Employment Advice, Counsel & Executive Disputes Chair
Michelman & Robinson, LLP

“Many companies and employees are asking about reimbursement for home office expenses. Here in California, laws require a level of reimbursement for necessary work-related expenses, meaning businesses will be on the hook to cover certain costs associated with working from home.”

Gene Yoo Headshot

Dana A. Kravetz
Firm Managing Partner
Michelman & Robinson, LLP

“Questions around workplace efficiencies, a focus on work/life balance, and the steady drumbeat of awareness pertaining to employee health, wellness and commuter issues meant that—sooner or later—employers would be forced to reevaluate the traditional nine-to-five. COVID-19 simply hastened that inevitability.”



First Person: My View of the Flexible and Hybrid Workplace
Back in mid-March 2020, news of the novel coronavirus in the U.S.—and an onslaught of stay-at-home orders—suddenly changed the face of the domestic workplace… Read More








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