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Outstanding Health Care Innovator HONOREE: Carine Carmy

Carine Carmy
CEO & Co-Founder

Carine Carmy co-founded Origin to solve a silent problem that impacts millions of women every year. Today, one in three adult women suffer from sexual health issues and related full-body pain, including incontinence, painful sex, prolapse, hip and back pain, and more. Many of these conditions often start around pregnancy, yet there is no national standard for rehab and recovery.

Origin is a company founded by women for women and is spreading awareness and revolutionizing the way the female body and vaginal anatomy are treated. With Carmy’s stewardship, the company has quickly grown into the leading national provider of pelvic floor and whole-body physical therapy and aims to change the standard of care for women across the country. Women’s health has long been underfunded and under-researched, drastically compromising the quality of care and health outcomes. Women weren’t required to be included in US clinical research until 1993. Carmy’s goal with Origin is to help close the gender gap in healthcare by providing an effective and accessible solution that shifts the narrative for women and allows them to take control of their bodies. 

Under Carmy’s leadership, Origin has seen tremendous growth since its launch in 2020, opening five clinics (including two in Los Angeles), expanding its virtual offerings, treating over 15,000 new patients, and building a robust team of over 100 people. She has helped bring together over 50 brands to collaborate with the Center for Intimacy Justice on a groundbreaking survey and closed the company’s venture capital, all while navigating the challenges of the pandemic. 


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