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TechTalk 2022 (Recap)

At a time when it is critically important for businesses to keep up with the latest technology trends – from mobility to cybersecurity to artificial intelligence – being ahead of the game can be a significant difference-maker in terms of a company’s success. The right technical solutions up any businesses’ game while engendering customer confidence and loyalty. Plus, protecting data, information, and communication has never been more essential as we all rely more heavily on technology than ever before.

The Los Angeles Business Journal recently assembled a panel of industry experts for the second annual TechTalk roundtable discussion. Moderated by Los Angeles Business Journal publisher and CEO Josh Schimmels, the panelists discussed common management mistakes and shared insights with the audience regarding how businesses should protect their systems, networks, and data from cybercrime and the Dark Web. The conversation also included updates on the artificial intelligence landscape and how to train the workforce of the future to prepare for such innovations.

Many thanks to these three thought leaders for sharing critical insights on what every business needs to know.



Yolanda Gil headshotYolanda Gil
Principal Scientist
USC Information Sciences Institute
Director of New Initiatives in AI and Data Science

USC Viterbi School of Engineering

“Academia and industry partnerships are crucial to solve AI challenges and to train students. Universities have multi-disciplinary experts, while companies have seasoned AI engineers working with rich data.”

Kimberly Pease Headshot

Kimberly Pease, CISSP
Director of Information Security Management Services
Miller Kaplan

“Without leadership, employees and IT staff will make their own decisions about securing information, which increases business risk and management is surprised to discover just how vulnerable they really are.”

Gene Yoo Headshot

Gene Yoo
Resecurity, Inc.

“We are too far behind in time, resources, and funding to support on-going cyber security practices. Reducing technical debt and improving cyber hygiene will be key to improving cyber security postures for decades to come. Time to invest on right sizing security operations from top to bottom and acquiring solutions that protects the ecosystems of technology versus point solutions and commodity intelligence.”



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