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2021 Black Business Matters: From Awareness to Action

July 28th, 2021 | 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Free Virtual Event

The Los Angeles Business Journal, in partnership with the Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce, hosted a free digital event to discuss ways we can foster a more socially-conscious
Community of Business™.



• Access to capital for Black Businesses
• Best practices
• Challenges, pitfalls and the direction policies are headed.



Building Community & Change

E’Tiffany Jones
Manager, Communications and Strategic Partnerships

“When businesses flourish, so do their communities.
Investing in Black companies is an essential first step
to close the socio-economic gap that plagues the Black
community. Supporting Black-owned business will cultivate
generational sustainability for families and employees and
will allow future business owners to thrive.”

Kandee Lewis
Chief Executive Officer, Positive Results Center
Civil and Human Rights Commissioner, City of Los Angeles

“Black business matters, but is it respected? According
to Nielsen, African Americans wield $1.3 trillion in
annual spending power; however, we’re not respected
as consumers. Black people must become socially
conscious consumers and entrepreneurs.”

Robert Sausedo
President & Chief Executive Officer
Community Build Inc.

“It is up to Black leaders to harness the power and
momentum of this present social movement to ensure
inclusivity, equity and diversity are not just buzz words,
but become the foundation of business success.”

Robert D. Taylor
President & CEO, Centinela Capital Partners

“Black America’s wealth challenge and its dire
consequences have been chronicled for decades. It has
roots in almost every factor that influences wealth known
to economists. Market success is central to wealth creation making Black business an
essential part of the solution. However, a serious response must be as comprehensive as
the factors and as persistent as racial bias has been in the roots.“


Building Businesses & Wealth

Gene Hale
Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce

“The Greater Los Angeles Chamber African American
of Commerce has dedicated itself to growing economic
opportunity, talent, and employment in the Los Angeles
area. Throughout the decades, GLAAACC has remained
devoted to the idea that a strong business community is the backbone of a strong city.“

Charlotte Redden Hamilton
Dean, College of Social Sciences
Saybrook University

“As an African American entrepreneur in counseling private
practice, and wife, daughter and granddaughter of African
American men in technology, welding and construction,
I’m reminded of how important dreams are fulfilled in
ownership but how it could quickly become a dream deferred.”

Jonathan Hodge
SVP and Financial Advisor
Affinity Wealth Partners at UBS Wealth Management USA

“There is tremendous opportunity for Black businesses to
build multigenerational wealth. As a financial advisor,
my desire is to bring necessary resources to the Black
community to achieve this goal.”

Reginald Roberts, Jr.
Co-Managing Partner
Sanders Roberts LLP

“In this global economy, diversity is not a talking point –
it’s a business necessity. Engaging diverse talent, counsel,
and suppliers makes businesses more relevant and
prepared to address the needs of consumers. Businesses
that thrive embrace the colorful tapestry that is US!”

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View last year’s webinar recording here.


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