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2024 Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Honoree: DEI COMPANY OF THE YEAR (MID-SIZED)

HBC is a general contracting firm founded in 1983, servicing a broad spectrum of clients from our two Southern California offices. While interior commercial projects are HBC’s specialty, the company provides a wide array of construction services for architects, interior designers, commercial brokers, asset advisors, landlords, project managers and individual clients. Dedication to clients sets the company apart in the industry, and it has built itself on the strength of relationships and the success of projects.

HBC has talented personnel with specialized experience, skill and passion to develop and deliver an excellent project. HBC is a 100% employee-owned company, and its diverse project teams are committed to exceptional client service. As employee owners, each individual at HBC is not merely an employee but a stakeholder in the success of the company, fostering a collaborative and driven work environment.

An active and innovative employee culture has shaped the company’s approach to employee ownership and ESG principles, including equity, inclusion and sustainability. Our efforts have garnered attention and recognition throughout the industry, establishing us as a leader who takes initiative and actively works toward making the construction industry a better place for all. HBC sets annual diversity hiring, promotion and training targets based on current workforce demographics versus labor market availability. The goal is to secure a workplace that is reflective of the community’s demographics while enhancing the opportunities of historically underrepresented groups. HBC promotes on-the-job mentorships, cross-training, and encourages overall career development, including inter-departmental transfers into operational roles historically held by majority populations in the industry.


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