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2024 Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Honoree: COMMUNITY IMPACT AWARD (LARGE)

Tax Principal

During Fred Tan’s time studying at UCLA and his early years in the profession, his mentors emphasized the importance of stepping out of his comfort zone to better himself and others. Fred has put this guidance into practice over the last 20 years, gaining the reputation of a mentor and culture builder. Now, this self-proclaimed introvert has built a career defined by powerful interpersonal connections.

When Tan arrived at BDO in 2021, he viewed the office’s financial growth as a given. He had proven his business acumen at Grant Thornton and would deliver the same exceptional results at BDO. He would instead measure his success by how he wielded his influence as a principal to grow his team and foster the culture of understanding and inclusivity that BDO is known for.

Tan has made it a priority to drive participation in BDO’s Multicultural Alliance, which celebrates diversity in the workplace. This coincided with a time when anti-Asian hate crimes were tragically common in cities like LA. Tan elevated awareness in the Alliance and other employees resource groups, offering a refuge for his Asian and LGBTQ+ peers to have important dialogues about regional injustices and forge connections with each other. A testament to his success as a culture builder at BDO is how Tan has significantly improved the LA office’s already strong net promoter score. The net promoter score helps BDO gauge where offices are thriving as well as challenges that need to be addressed to improve retention and drive culture.

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