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2023 Nonprofit & Corporate Citizenship Awards Honoree: MOST INNOVATIVE AWARENESS CAMPAIGN

Hope the Mission, one of the country’s largest rescue missions, is known not only for the services it provides to shelter unhoused people in LA County, but also the awareness campaigns it executes to amplify the homelessness crisis.

The concept of the 100 Hours in a Car campaign is simple yet powerful – the CEO and CFO/President of Hope the Mission spent 100 hours sleeping in a car, simulating the experience of being sheltered in a car. Through this campaign which was captured publicly in the media and on social media channels, the public is given a window into the reality of what Hope calls, the “invisible homeless.”

Through this experience, people have an opportunity to witness what it is like to have to shower in a gym to get ready for work, the search for a public bathroom to use at night, and the lengths some people have to go in order to find a safe place to park at night. Not only does this campaign bring attention to this critical issue, but it also evokes emotion and creates a new sense of compassion for the unhoused.

For Hope the Mission, this experience also helps to inform the services and programs they provide to unsheltered folks across LA County. This campaign was born out of a previous documentary that Hope the Mission was featured in, titled “Suite to the Streets,” which followed them as they lived on the streets for 100 hours.

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