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2023 Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Honoree: DEI COMPANY OF THE YEAR (LARGE)

Ralph M. Parsons founded Parsons Company in 1944 with a recognition that the ability to hire and retain good people was key to developing and maintaining international acclaim. Today, Parsons Corporation is best known as a leading engineering and construction firm operating at the nexus of critical infrastructure and national security, delivering solutions that connect communities, reimagining physical infrastructure, increasing sustainability and health, and protecting our world from any threat across land, sea, space, air and cyber.

Parsons’ commitment to the values of diversity, equity and inclusion began long before it was popular for companies to support these values. The company pursues diversity, equity, and inclusion in its workforce, business units, suppliers, and services because Parsons recognizes optimum solutions require perspectives from many different backgrounds; it empowers employees to be their authentic selves at work; and it creates inclusive work environments.Throughout its storied history, Parsons has always been committed to supporting both its individual and global communities.

As such, it is on a journey together to transform the culture of Parsons and its global and local communities using the lens of DE&I, which encompasses racial and gender inequity and social justice.Recognizing that a global organization such as Parsons has significant impact on its employees and the communities it serves, Parsons has developed an enterprise-wide commitment to programs that support local and national communities. Each of Parsons’ offices is encouraged to support communal efforts as determined by the office leaders and the company’s enterprise-wide community impact initiatives are conscious efforts supported by company leadership.

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