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2022 Nonprofit & Corporate Citizenship Awards: Nonprofit Executive of the Year (LARGE)

Kelly Bruno
National Health Foundation

Since 2007, Kelly Bruno has served in a senior leadership position at National Health Foundation (NHF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of under-resourced communities facing systemic barriers to wellness. She has led the NHF team as president and chief executive officer for the past seven years and brings to the role over a decade of invaluable experience in executive health care leadership and social service administration.

Under Bruno’s leadership, NHF has been able to grow in its service to the community, going from a $4 million dollar nonprofit to doubling its revenue in five years, including growing the staff from 25 to 64 employees. Bruno also shifted the organization’s vision from serving hospitals to closely partnering with the community; a vision that is tied to her personal belief that all people, regardless of who they are or where they live, should be able to achieve their highest level of health.

Beyond the organization’s growth, Bruno successfully oversaw the innovation of a top-tier recuperative care program. At the intersection of homelessness and health care, Bruno has redefined what recuperative care looks like and how it is delivered to individuals experiencing homelessness. Pioneered as a program to address hospitals’ illegal practice of patient dumping, NHF’s recuperative care program provides quality care and social services to vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness who are discharged from a hospital but have nowhere else to turn.

Today, NHF operates four recuperative care sites in Glendale, Pico-Union, Ventura, and Oxnard with a total of 126 beds, and Bruno is a tireless advocate for progress and a passionate believer in the power of grassroots coalition building. During her tenure at NHF, Bruno has initiated lasting, impactful measures that have established NHF as a dedicated partner for change, and an embedded and active participant in the communities it serves.

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