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2022 CFO Awards: Nonprofit CFO of the Year Honoree – Lucia Kung

2022 cfo honoree_Lucia Kung

Lucia Kung
Chief Financial Officer

Mental Health America of Los Angeles


As chief financial officer for Mental Health America of Los Angeles, Lucia Kung has revitalized the agency’s financial growth. With many companies having to lay staff off during the pandemic, Kung secured a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan for $4.6 million for our agency. Kung has restructured the agency’s budget and financial strategies. In addition, she has been able to reorganize and speed up accounts receivable to ensure the adequate cash flow for employee payroll, and on-time payments for vendors.
Since she arrived at MHALA in 2016, Kung’s sound advice on endowment investments, financial planning and projections, and robust relationships with key financial partners have elevated MHALA’s ability to better serve people in our community with mental health needs. Not only does she excel in her position as CFO, but she is also a cherished team member of MHALA. There is not a colleague or staff member who does not appreciate her impeccable work ethic and strong financial leadership.
She is actively involved in mentoring future accountants. Throughout her career, she has mentored several accountants who have gone on to become CPAs.  She has also cross trained her current team to work in multiple accounting areas to help them grow in their careers. Kung is also a member of the Equitable Reimbursement & Compensation Workgroup for the County of Los Angeles.  This group makes recommendations to the County of Los Angeles and its providers so they can work together more smoothly and understand each other’s needs and obstacles.



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