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Women’s Summit 2017 Nominees: Swimwear Brand Designer/Founder Gives Back to the Ocean

Timeless style isn’t the only forward-looking thing about Jessica Rey Swimwear. Designer Jessica Rey’s latest silhouettes are helping preserve our planet’s oceans too.

Rey’s current collection, which includes one-piece, two-piece and kids’ swimwear lines, continues to offer popular designs with women’s confidence, comfort, and timeless style in mind. No change there. It’s the groundbreaking yarn she’s using that is making a difference in terms of the environment.

Rey has partnered with Italian fabric company Aquafil to create designs that incorporate Econyl yarn, composed of 100 percent regenerated nylon waste, such as abandoned fishing nets, production scraps, and carpet fluff. The waste is transformed into a durable, lightweight, and breathable textile, made new through Aquafil’s cutting edge regeneration system, a pioneering example of the circular economy in action – offering the same quality and performance as traditional nylon, but with the ability to be regenerated an infinite number of times without any loss in quality.

Prior to launching her career as a designer, Rey was a Hollywood actress starring as Alyssa, the White Ranger on Disney’s Power Rangers Wild Force. As a Power Ranger, saving the world was part of the routine, but for Rey, now it’s for real.

“I have three small children of my own and I want them (as well as their own children in the future) to be able to grow up enjoying our planet’s natural resources just as our generation did,” said Rey. “It’s heartbreaking to see photographs and footage of the tremendous amounts of unnecessary waste that ends up in our oceans and in landfills. Our designs celebrate women’s confidence, and as swimwear, they are of course a tribute to the ocean as well. It made sense that we do our part to help heal our planet in some way. The more waste that can be removed and repurposed, reducing demand for virgin fibers, the better off our oceans will be.”

Rey has committed to using Econyl yarn in all her new swimsuit designs this year.

Learn more at www.jessicarey.com.

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