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Women’s Council & Awards 2018: A Look at the Michigan Ross Executive MBA Program in Los Angeles

With locations in Los Angeles and Ann Arbor and a flexible, once-a-month-for- 21-months format, the Michigan Ross Executive MBA Program combines rigorous coursework, action-based learning, and an integrated Leadership Development Program that will prepare you to assume the highest leadership roles.

Michigan Ross’ top-10 ranked Executive MBA Program is thoughtfully structured to build upon each student’s significant experience and expertise. Students gain the knowledge and insight necessary to identify growth opportunities, make tough executive decisions, and lead across units. Whether you’re attending the program in Los Angeles or Ann Arbor, you’ll emerge with the practical know-how and broad perspective needed to fulfill your leadership potential and advance in your career even further —all on a once-a-month schedule esigned to integrate your studies with your existing personal and professional commitments.


As your career progresses, leadership skills become critically important. The Ross Executive MBA Leadership Development Program is a comprehensive, integrated experience that includes coursework, workshops, speaker events, and personalized, one-on-one executive coaching. Together, these experiences will help you develop the mindset and skillset to:

• lead more effectively in your current role

• advance more rapidly in your career, and

• make significant and positive contributions to your company’s culture and performance.


The ExecMAP course spans the entire fourth term of Michigan Ross’ Executive MBA Program. During ExecMAP, you will work with a team over four months to apply critical thinking and academic rigor to solve a complex issue for a sponsoring organization. Past ExecMAP projects include market entry strategies, new business ventures, financial modeling, product launches, mergers and acquisition strategies, and risk assessments.


Residencies in Los Angeles take place once a month at the luxurious Intercontinental Hotel in Century City. Between residencies, students continue to engage with the program, faculty, and peers through team meetings, group and individual assignments, digital lectures, and online review sessions. The Michigan Ross Executive MBA is designed to make the most of face-to-face residencies as well as

distance learning to maximize learning for business professionals.

At Michigan Ross, you gain the skills, perspective, and vision necessary to think ahead and move ahead.

To learn more about Michigan Ross and its Los Angeles and Ann Arbor offerings, visit https:// michiganross.umich.ed

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