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Women Of Influence : Construction, Architecture and Engineering – Cassy Aoyagi

Cassy Aoyagi
President and Co-Founder
FormLA Landscaping

Cassy Aoyagi has built a reputation based on the profound environmental and aesthetic impact of her work, as well the way in which she has raised the bar for the industry. Aoyagi co-owns and leads FormLA Landscaping. She is one of the few women leading landscaping companies with construction and maintenance divisions, and on a short list of LA landscaping professionals that hold both LEED and Sustainable SITES certifications.

Aoyagi’s dedication to sustainability, brought to life through the business, has made a profound impact on LA’s resilience to climate change, wildfire, and water positivity. She and her team have replaced more than 200,000 square feet of thirsty lawn with lush, leafy, wildlife-supporting habitats. As a result, each year, the company now saves LA well over 10 million gallons of water and reduces air pollution equivalent to eliminating 59 annual commutes from LA roads, among other impactful accomplishments.

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