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Women Of Influence : Construction, Architecture and Engineering – Jenny Redlin

Jenny Redlin
Founder, Principal
Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

Jenny Redlin, principal and part-founder of Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. (Partner) is a secret weapon in the construction, engineering, and environmental industry. Redlin entered the commercial real estate industry with an impressive start as an environmental scientist who continued to build her armory by performing environmental site assessment field work. She then quickly exceled into senior positions due to her ability to not only identify and understand a great depth of technical environmental issues but also her ability to target her clients’ business priorities and distinguish how her work fits into that market.

A defining moment in Redlin’s career was leaving the stability of a traditional firm and founding Partner in 2006. Redlin routinely educates, promotes, and shares her wealth of knowledge on best practices in our business, industry and the “big picture,” to help safeguard safer commercial real estate transactions.  

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