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Women Of Influence Accounting: Letter From The Publisher

The 2020 Accounting MOVE Project Report took a look at the inroads women accountants – and the firms that benefit from their work – have made toward equality in the accounting field.

Among the statistics in this year’s report:

  • 90% of firms (up from 71% in 2014), have partners and principals review the results of internal pay equity surveys
  • 59% of firms (up from 48% in 2019), prepare managers for pay equity discussions
  • 52% of firms rotate emerging women leaders into client-facing roles (all-time high)
  • 48% of firms conduct internal pay equity surveys that include base pay and bonuses
  • 38% of firms offer rotations onto executive task force (an all-time high)
  • 34% of firms offer rotations into operating positions (an all-time high)

While there is still room for improvement, we are pleased to see progress is being made.

As noted in the report, “Accounting firms nationwide are growing in multiple directions. Women lead much of that growth with unexpected combinations of experience, skills and aptitude.”

Nowhere is that more true that in Southern California.

We’ve compiled a group, listed alphabetically, of some of the most impressive women leading the accounting industry here in Los Angeles. We’ve provided short backgrounds on their careers, practice areas and some recent accomplishments.

Congratulations to these superb Women of Influence in Accounting – and thank you for working to keep Angelenos and businesses financially stable.

Best Regards,

Josh Schimmels

Publisher & CEO

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