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Who’s Building L.A. (November 5): Five Decades of Evocative Design

After nearly half a century, a passionate new generation is igniting significant growth at MVE-Partners

For almost five decades, award-winning architecture, interior design and planning firm MVE + Partners has been leading the emergence of new design trends in multifamily and mixeduse development, infusing every building and community plan with a unique blend of art and technology to pinpoint the essence of what makes a place both great and sustainable. Evocative designs that pull people in, as well as the ability to practically execute and meet each project’s unique economic requirements, are what keep clients coming back to MVE time and again.

On the cusp of its 45th anniversary, the firm is experiencing a period of considerable growth and vitality with more than 1,000 projects completed worldwide to date, a studio opening in San Jose and new leadership at the helm. In 2017, MVE’s board of directors elected Matt McLarand, the son of founder Carl McLarand and an employee since 1994 to the role of president and director of design. Shortly thereafter, the firm also promoted three longtime employees to the principal position. Each with roughly two decades of service to the firm, these veterans will play a vital role in ushering in a new era of expansion and excellence.

While MVE continues to progress technologically and ideologically, its strength lies in its ability to simultaneously rely on its vast history. MVE excels at seeking the new while nurturing the established. These investments in talent and strategy are critical to delivering on the sophisticated needs of longtime clients such as JH Snyder Company, with whom MVE has enjoyed more than 30 years of trusted partnership.

MVE and JH Snyder Company have developed notable projects in the Los Angeles area over the last three decades, including The Wilshire Courtyard, The Santa Monica Water Garden and The Howard Hughes Promenade. Most recently, this collaboration celebrated breaking ground on a Miracle Mile development known as Wilshire Curson. This unique 21-story, luxury apartment complex will overlook the famed La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, as well as the newly-redesigned Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Museum.

With a studio in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and more than 150 projects designed in the county, MVE keeps its finger on the pulse of the community, enabling the team to deliver unmatched living experiences that meet the needs and desires of current and future residents. MVE’s intuitive connection to the community has made for great partnerships and is currently working on several projects with top developers that include Jade Enterprises, Jamison Development, New Pacific Realty and Holland Partner Group.

MVE is at present working on nine projects with Holland Partner Group, including The Grace and Griffin on Spring, two mixed-use, high-rise towers at the intersection of the Historic Core and Fashion Districts in downtown Los Angeles. The luxury towers have reinforced a sense of renewed enthusiasm within the local community, as premier retail stores and restaurants emerge in the area, helping bridge together other newly-revitalized neighboring communities.

“MVE + Partners’ vision for the Spring Street towers was driven by the rich history and vibrancy of Spring Street’s Fashion District and Historic Core neighborhoods,” said Matt McLarand, president and director of design, MVE + Partners. “As a firm, we’re always eager to innovate and push our design creativity to the next level, while honoring the history of the community. For example, metal and cast stone was used to capture the architectural style of Los Angeles circa 1920. In addition, the application of a weaved-fabric pattern on The Grace gives a modern appearance while also respecting the style and history of the Fashion District.”

Coinciding with its consideration of architectural aesthetics, MVE’s expertise also lies in its attention to economic efficiency. McLarand added, “Our ability to orchestrate a tower more efficiently led to a higher ROI, providing substantially more rental space than originally in the client’s base pro forma.”

Looking ahead to 2019, MVE is committed to continuing to deliver best-in-class design that pushes architecture to new heights and bring forth breakthrough solutions to new challenges posed by high density design around the country and worldwide.

Founded in 1974, the MVE Group of companies have offered architecture, planning, interiors and graphic design to clients across the globe. MVE has ridden the construction industry roller coaster through ups, downs, twists and turns and has consistently landed upright. The reason is that despite the volatility inherent in construction, MVE’s mission has always been clear, its dedication unyielding, its passion unwavering, and its talent unparalleled.

For more information, please visit mve-architects.com.

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