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Who’s Building L.A. (July 17): A Century of Pushing Boundaries

For more than a century, HDR has partnered with clients to shape communities and challenge the boundaries of what’s possible.

Nearly 150 HDR professionals live and work in Los Angeles County. In fact, our architecture and engineering staff recently took over an entire floor — 28,000-square feet — at Two California Plaza in the Bunker Hill District of downtown Los Angeles. But our expertise doesn’t stop in LA. It spans 10,000 employees in more than 225 locations around the world. Our engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services bring an impressive depth of knowledge to LA and beyond. Finding the right solution for our clients defined our past. Today, the HDR network continues to help communities solve complex issues by customizing solutions to enhance quality of life and deliver long-term value.


HDR continues to play a major role in helping build a more resilient transit infrastructure to serve future generations of Angelenos. We are leading the way with innovative engineering and architectural services to deliver the largest transit and infrastructure projects for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) including the Link Union Station (Link US) and Emergency Security Operations Center (ESOC). We are also the program manager for the LA Sidewalk Repair Program.

Along with Metro, our goal for Link US is to increase rail service capacity and operational flexibility in a region experiencing tremendous growth while improving the passenger experience with a new concourse. We want to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from idling trains. Enhanced design to improve local connectivity to the Los Angeles River and surrounding neighborhoods is a guiding principle. And these are just some of the exceptional benefits our shared vision for Link US offers to better serve the Los Angeles community. In partnership with LA Metro, HDR is providing the engineering, architectural, environmental and community outreach services to advance this premier regional commuter rail project in Southern California. It will be instrumental in stimulating the local economy by creating jobs, spurring transit-oriented development, attracting commerce and promoting public-private partnership (P3) opportunities.

Metro is one of the largest and most advanced transportation agencies in the U.S. offering an extensive network of bus and rail service options. Its success is measured by the degree to which the public entrusts Metro to provide reliable service in a safe environment. HDR designed the ESOC with the goal of improving emergency and security operations to heighten Metro’s state of alertness. The ESOC creates a central hub that meets current physical security standards that are considered critical infrastructure for maintaining normal transit operations. With the volatility in the world today, Metro’s investment in the ESOC provides state-of-the-art technology in communication, access control, surveillance and emergency management systems to enhance readiness should a hazard, natural disaster or act of terror occur.

HDR also serves as program manager for the city of Los Angeles Sidewalk Repair Program. The city’s 30-year, $1.4 billion program aims to repair sidewalks to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and ensure universal access for all Angelenos. There are roughly 11,000 miles of sidewalks in LA, many of which hinder passage because of cracks, buckles and bulging tree roots. HDR is managing program implementation and providing design and construction management services for all planned improvements. In early 2015, we helped the city launch its Sidewalk Repair Program through an on-call contract and quickly integrated with the Department of Public Works to form a seamless team. In addition, we are augmenting the city’s pool of resources by providing computer-aided design and graphics rendering, database programming, ADA coordination and real estate services. All require a thorough understanding of the California Environmental Quality Act and ADA.

We remain committed to delivering transportation infrastructure projects designed to improve mobility, air quality and overall community health. Ongoing involvement in these projects increases jobs and improves quality of life, creating a promising future for Los Angeles residents and businesses alike. At HDR, we understand how smart investments in infrastructure can position communities for continued success and support a forward-thinking and world-class transportation plan for Los Angeles County.


Envisioned as a new beginning, the Martin Luther King Jr. Outpatient Center was designed to reestablish the campus as a healthcare leader in the community. A model for culturally sensitive healthcare, the LEED Silver-designed facility uses a 360-degree approach to overall wellness and preventative care through 70 outpatient clinics offering a wide range of services. The contemporary design, cantilevered clear glass façade and aesthetically pleasing finishes reflect the bright new vision for the medical “village.” The award-winning facility, for which we served as architect of record, celebrates Dr. King’s legacy in both a public and personal way.

Lara Paulino is HDR’s Los Angeles Marketing Services Manager.

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