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Top Women in Banking: VERNA GRAYCE CHAO

Verna Grayce Chao

Executive Vice President, Treasury Services Division

City National Bank

A proven innovator, executive vice president Verna Grayce Chao is a key force behind City National’s digital transformation. City National is creating a comprehensive payments ecosystem to serve the entertainment and business management industries, and Chao is at the center of the bank’s transition. Chao is focused on upgrading the bank’s technology to streamline and innovate the payments and accounting industry.

Chao previously led Datafaction, City National’s accounting solution for the entertainment industry and family wealth firms. Under her leadership, the bank updated “AgilLink” by Datafaction in January 2019. This new cloud-based version secures client data in City National’s data center and combines accounting, bill pay, online banking, and document management in one single-sign-on system. Chao also launched InvestLink, which allows clients to create comprehensive financial reports by integrating their investment data with their personal financial information.

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