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Top Women in Banking: MIMI PARK

Mimi Park

VP | Wealth Advisor at California Bank & Trust
Premier Wealth Management

California Bank & Trust

Mimi Park and her family settled in Century City after arriving in the United States from South Korea when she was seven. Realizing the importance of education, her hard work during her school years was rewarded with her acceptance to UCLA. Her diligence continued during her years as a full-time student, as she had to work to put herself through school. Later, working for a finance company specializing in wealth management, she found her true passion — helping clients build and maintain a financial foundation to last generations.

She joined California Bank & Trust as a wealth advisor in 2017. She takes her role as a trusted financial advisor extremely seriously, and she always takes the time to understand her clients’ stories. If she does not know enough about her clients’ industry or business, she does in-depth research and pushes herself to earn their respect as an expert.

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