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Top Litigators in Los Angeles: ANGELA AGRUSA

Angela Agrusa tries highstakes complex commercial, class action and civil cases on behalf of international brands, major companies and prominent individuals. She has earned a premier reputation as a brand crisis litigator with quantifiable success defending clients in marketing practices and branding litigation in a range of industries, including entertainment, food and beverage, retail and hospitality. In the last five years alone, she has successfully defended brand holders in over 50 putative class actions with combined potential exposure over $100 billion.

Over the last eighteen months, Agrusa lead the defense of one of the most closely followed cases in the world. Under circumstances which many lawyers might view as daunting and unwinnable, Agrusa, a long time feminist and former ACLU law clerk, accepted the challenge to take on the Bill Cosby trial. As a lifelong believer in the protections uniquely important to the US legal system – the rights to be presumed innocent and to be able to confront one’s accuser – Agrusa defended Cosby’s rights to a trial.

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