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Top Lenders in Los Angeles: NICK ESKANDARI

Nick Eskandari


Key Bridge Capital

Area of Expertise: Commercial Real Estate Finance

Nick Eskandari has been in real estate finance and development for over 25 years in Beverly Hills and has spent most of his career in real estate lending. He is currently the CEO of Key Bridge Fund a direct commercial real estate lender. The Fund’s sole business is to originate short term senior loans with maturities typically ranging from six to twenty four months with current target LTV ratios of 50% to 60% of the property securing the Fund’s mortgage loans depending upon the location and the type of real property. The Fund attempts to reduce the interest rate risk and the market cycle risk of potential declines in property values by making short-term loans.

Eskandari’s famous line is, “the way to understand value in a real estate project is through the lens of an experienced lender with integrity.” He applies that principle on every project.

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