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Thriving In Their 40’s: Wade Ackerman

Wade Ackerman

Partner and Co-Lead of Covington’s

Digital Health Initiative

Covington & Burling LLP

Wade Ackerman is a leading FDA regulatory and health policy lawyer working at the cutting-edge of life sciences and technology on the West Coast – a unique legal practice for Los Angeles. Despite his significant DC-facing client work, he remains active in the state and local community, both in his work supporting the LGBT+ community, as well as his service to the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem in California.

Ackerman has been active in the Williams Institute since he started practicing law in Los Angeles in 2004. The Williams Institute has had a profound impact on LGBT-related policy development for more than 15 years. On the healthcare and life sciences front, Ackerman volunteers as a trustee of the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI), which is the seventh and newest member of the Claremont colleges.

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