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Thriving In Their 40’s: Jonathan Fitzgarrald

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Jonathan Fitzgarrald
Managing Partner
Equinox Strategy Partners

Jonathan Fitzgarrald, managing partner of Equinox Strategy Partners, looks to undervalued professionals, untapping their potential to grow revenue, market visibility and their practices. Many of the firms he advises report up to 20 percent increases in revenue within the first year. Fitzgarrald’s proprietary approach adapts a Moneyball strategy by recognizing and coaching traditionally overlooked, highly skilled professionals in legal, financial, accounting and professional services firms.

Fitzgarrald’s personalized business strategies lead clients to discover their own business motivations. He enjoys empowering professionals to succeed and believes that leaders are made not born. In 2015, he established Equinox Strategy Partners to advise professionals nationwide to tap into their own potential to generate revenue. Since that time, he has grown the firm into a multi-million dollar consultancy. He is also a longtime leader of the Legal Marketing Association, and served on the board of advisors of the Legal Sales and Service Organization.

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