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Thriving In Their 40’s: Jon Waterman

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Jon Waterman

Jon Waterman is the CEO and founder of Ad.net, a fast-growing marketing technology company based in West Los Angeles. Ad.net is a performance-driven search-based marketplace that serves as an alternative to the major search networks Google and Bing, and a technology platform that helps Fortune 500 brands engage with new customers online.

Even as the pandemic pushed the business world into a hybrid/work-from-home environment, Waterman looked to continue fostering a highly collaborative remote work culture where everyone is encouraged to share new ideas. This approach allowed the team to work even closer on developing innovative ideas to give customers even greater value out of the relationships with Ad.net. Ad.net continues to play a pivotal role in the fast-moving digital advertising space, with a performance-driven approach for reaching the right customers through the entire purchase journey from pre-search to bottom of the funnel user acquisition.

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