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Thriving In Their 40’s: Jodie Poirier

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Jodie Poirier
Executive Managing Director, Greater Los Angeles

A powerful force in a historically male-dominated industry, Jodie Poirier stands as an ally and mentor to aspiring leaders in all sectors of the workforce. Poirier ranks among the top business influencers in the market, but perhaps most impressively and importantly, she is a pioneer for female executive leadership in Los Angeles commercial real estate, and by extension, the industry at large. Appointed the first female market leader across the greater Los Angeles region for a commercial real estate firm, Poirier actively promotes diversity and inclusion for all.

As executive managing director for Colliers, overseeing 280 professionals across the region, Poirier shows exemplary courage, grit, leadership, and foresight as she continues to deliver industry-leading results for her company and teams. With a nearly 20-year career in commercial real estate, Poirier’s extensive professional background spans across real estate development, brokerage, and the institutional side of the business.

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