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Thriving In Their 40’s: Jeremy Holland

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Jeremy Holland
Managing Partner, Origination
The Riverside Company

Jeremy Holland is a managing partner at The Riverside Company, leading the Origination team across the various funds/strategies in North America. He has been a private equity investor in Los Angeles for 23 years. His influence in the business community is driven by his passion for helping others. Anyone who works with Holland knows the enthusiasm, candor and hard work he brings to every situation.

Holland joined Riverside in 2010, when the firm recruited him to switch from executing deals to focusing on originating new investment opportunities. Holland’s influence in the private equity community is heavily derived from his enthusiastic support of other M&A professionals’ career paths. He has spent a tremendous amount of time over the years referring deals to people who would not have otherwise seen them, helping people work their way through career advancement and/or pivoting their career in a new direction.

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