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Thriving In Their 40’s: Jenny Delgado

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Jenny Delgado

Roughly nine percent of architects in the US are Hispanic or Latino, and even fewer are female Mexican immigrants. CannonDesign’s Jenny Delgado has not only forged a path to success in a White, male-dominated space, she’s also earned the titles of partner and education practice leader at CannonDesign.

Motivated by the opportunity to bring needed change to her hometown of Merida, in the Mexican Yucatan, Delgado earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan as a single mother. She migrated to the US and joined CannonDesign in 2005 as an entry-level architect, with a desire to create spaces that impact people’s lives while also generating a visceral feeling of belonging.

Today, as the education practice leader of CannonDesign’s Los Angeles office, Delgado’s drive translates to partnering with colleges and universities to design spaces and strategies that address campus challenges and strengthen opportunities for learning and advancement.

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