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Thriving In Their 40’s: Andrew Liu

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Andrew Liu
Senior Vice President, Director of Growth, Transportation, U.S. West Region

Andrew Liu is senior vice president and director of growth for AECOM’s transportation business in the U.S. West. Liu is helping lead the industry developing transportation infrastructure to connect people and communities, move goods, create economic opportunities, and improve equity in Southern California and beyond.

As chief product officer of a technology-focused division at another publicly traded company, Liu worked to disrupt infrastructure solutions with technology. Previously at AECOM, he was responsible for driving innovation through emerging technologies in transportation, digital solutions, and sustainable energy to deliver innovative solutions for clients and projects in Los Angeles and around the world. Liu is an industry veteran who has spent a decade leading and advocating for the development and adoption of new technologies in infrastructure. Combining a passion for technology with his professional engineering expertise, Liu led the AECOM team that helped build the world’s first hyperloop.

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