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RSM Middle Market Award of the Year: Scott Palladino

Scott Palladino
Garcoa, Inc.

It is no secret that 2020 presented its fair share of challenges for all firms. Scott Palladino’s leadership, guidance, and knowledge guided Garcoa and its family of companies through the pandemic and ensured that it maintained a stable footing despite all of the economic pressures. Garcoa operates three manufacturing facilities. Palladino serves as the CFO of the corporate entity and works to ensure the organization maintains adequate financing. In addition, he is also responsible for IT and HR. He is leading a successful ERP integration across all of the entities and is working to ensure that Garcoa maintains a successful approach to HR.

Under Palladino’s financial stewardship, Garcoa has maintained the reputation of being an industry leader and one of the premier U.S. companies supplying HBC products.  The company’s specialty is to supply programs that are trending and exclusive. Garcoa has supplied private and controlled label as well as contracted manufacturing for some of the biggest and most prestigious brands in America. Some prefer turnkey programs to include concept, formulation, package development and procurement, while others just want manufacturing and production services.  Whatever the need, Garcoa has been able to support the companies with excellence. Palladino also helps to make sure that Garcoa continues to serve its mission while providing a pleasant, nurturing and growth oriented environment that encourages its associates to grow both personally and professionally. Garcoa continues its commitment as a model of social and environmental responsibility, and Palladino’s financial leadership has helped make that possible. 

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