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Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards 2017: WINNER – VNTANA

VNTANA is an Augmented Reality computing platform designed to help Chief Marketing Officers create engaging experiences, generate leads, and convert sales by tracking data to quantify engagement. VNTANA’s patented scalable hologram hardware and software is the only system on the market that allows consumers to interact with holograms of their favorite athlete, celebrity or product while capturing real-time data on the consumers.

VNTANA has established itself as the leader in hologram displays and has become an influencer in augmented reality advertising based here in Los Angeles. With the founders both graduates of the USC, Ashley Crowder and Ben Conway decided to build their business in Los Angeles and attract talent in the city to help build the company.

Crowder, the CEO and co-founder, is a pivotal part of the Augmented Reality community and is an influencer here in Los Angeles, nationally and internationally. She is changing the way brands interact with consumers through holographic technology, allowing people to be in multiple places at once and bringing the digital into the real world without the use of wearables.

VNTANA continues to push the boundaries of augmented reality to create innovative brand experiences. The organization hopes to push education with VNTANA’s technology and bring people and opportunities to remote locations that weren’t able to access top influencers or educators before. This year, in collaboration with other AR influencers, Crowder developed a quarterly augmented reality meet up to educate her local community and inspire young women to get involved.

In short, VNTANA empowers brands to surprise and delight their customers with the most realistic interactive holograms available. From idea conception, all the way to execution and post-event best practices, VNTANA’s support team becomes an integral part of its clients’ marketing team. Plus, after each engagement, we provide a fully-stacked report and help identify key learnings and takeaways.

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