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Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards 2017: FINALISTS – POLIS ASSIST, INC.

Polis Assist is a mobile parking app helping people to find free parking, decipher complex signs all over Los Angeles and avoid or defend parking tickets that are unlawful. Polis is the WAZE of parking! Available on iOS and Android, the technology is easily accessible and user-friendly.

Polis Assist is in talks with the City of Los Angeles to license its data to the Department of Transportation in order to make the parking data more accessible to the general public and for other uses for a variety of city departments to ensure better transportation, infrastructure, and community services.

Polis is also reaching out through its marketing to various diverse groups to make them aware of the app and its ability to protect them against unlawful parking tickets. According to the LA WEEKLY, 14-18% of the parking tickets in Los Angeles are fraudulently given. This is a serious issue for many US cities, with tickets more frequently resulting in economic hardship for the working poor. In Chicago in 2016, the number one reason people filed bankruptcy was due to parking tickets! Until recently in Los Angeles, you couldn’t fight these tickets because a private company was adjudicating appeals and they were not providing due process as proven in a case that went to the California Supreme Court. The court instructed the city of Los Angeles to administer the complaint process from now on. Even with these changes, citizens need help protecting themselves from this injustice. Polis Assist hopes to help citizens take their streets back, while providing a game-changing and innovative quality enhancer of an app.

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