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Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards 2017: FINALISTS – DOCK, INC

Dock is building a revolutionary innovation that is sure to resonate with the parking-space starved people and businesses of Los Angeles. The company is introducing a concept spearheading the transformation of the automobile industry by creating a marketplace within the private parking sector. Dock’s mobile app leverages technology to automatically connect vehicles with underutilized driveways, producing environmental and data efficiencies throughout the parking industry.

Called “the Airbnb for parking,” Dock’s concept is fast and easy to use. The app-driven system makes it simple for anyone to find a place to park their car in a safe, privately owned parking spot while enabling the owners of those available parking spaces the opportunity to make some quick, easy, low-maintenance income. Property owners can list their parking spot or driveway space on Dock and make up to $250 per month.

It’s a genuine rebirth and positive disruptor for an everyday task, effectively removing the hassle out of the parking process!

It should also be noted that Dock’s innovative business development efforts are personal and thoughtful as well. The organization believes in earning the trust and respect of the local neighborhoods that will be the contributors of the supply. Engagements in neighborhood councils and business alliances are the focus to be the forefront of the concept’s local success. Through collaboration with individuals and communities, Dock can understand and satisfy the needs of the people. The CEO engages in local LA communities such as LAVA, Bixel Exchange, Women Founders Network and SheWorx to support entrepreneurs and their endeavors.

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