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Notable Family-Owned Businesses in Los Angeles: King Nutronics Corporation

King Nutronics Corporation is the industry leader in pressure, temperature, torque and force measurement for defense, aircraft, avionic, petrochemical and utility industries. The company is known worldwide for the accuracy and durability of its systems.

Founded by J. Robert King in his garage in 1959, his daughter, Leslie King, and her husband, Robert Welther, continue the company. The 21,000 square-foot headquarters and manufacturing facility is based in Woodland Hills and houses a climate controlled calibration laboratory.

King Nutronics has been a solution provider for the U.S. Department of Defense, foreign military, aerospace, pharma, and oil and gas industries for almost 60 years. Other clients include the United States Armed Forces, NASA and multiple companies worldwide.

King Nutronics is renowned for the ongoing customer support and service of its products. The company stocks replacement parts and supplies for all of the instruments manufactured. King Nutronics’ dedicated sales and support staff will ensure that any problem that arises will be resolved quickly, efficiently and with a minimum amount of downtime.

The company also specializes on individual client’s needs that cannot be met with off-the-shelf products. King Nutronics’ experienced staff of engineers can design and manufacture custom test and measurement instruments for specialized applications, and adapt the company’s existing instruments and systems to meet their customer’s unique requirements.

King Nutronics has always been philanthropically involved and supports Pacific Lodge Youth Services, Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services and the National Children’s Chorus.

Leslie King is a member of the Women’s Leadership Council and ACG Women. She was honored at the Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services’ Mentor Awards Gala 2018. Leslie also served as chair of the Pacific Lodge Youth Services’ Board of Directors, before she moved on to the position of vice president.

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