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Most Influential Private Equity Investors & Advisors: Travis Haynes


Managing Director

Balmoral Funds

SPECIATY: $5 to $50 million of equity, plus larger transactions with limited partners

Travis Haynes is a Managing Director at Balmoral Funds. He joined the Balmoral team in 2012 to lead the business development function at the firm. He is actively involved throughout the life cycle of Balmoral’s investments from origination to exit, particularly with respect to sourcing platform and add-on acquisitions, and facilitating sales and divestitures. He is also accountable for expanding Balmoral’s network of Operating Advisors. Prior to Balmoral, Haynes served as a Vice President at Platinum Equity, a private equity firm headquartered in Beverly Hills, for 13 years. During his time at Platinum, he worked in a business development and M&A capacity in both the US and Europe. With extensive experience in deal review and analysis, he has submitted nearly 1,000 written bids. He sourced 11 investments that the firm made in its early years, built the firm’s database, and hired and trained most of the team.

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